How do I setup an Optimove Integration with xtremepush?

There are two main steps to activating an integration between Optimove and xtremepush:

  • Setting a user id that can uniquely identify users across Optimove and xtremepush 
  • Activating the Server to Server Integration between your Optimove instance(s) and xtremepush project(s)


User ID

The ID you use to identify users from your system in Optimove must also be set against profiles on xtremepush. This customer/player ID can be sent to xtremepush from your Mobile App and Website properties in realtime using our API methods so that ID syncing is fully automated:


Mobile Apps

On mobile use the native methods from the SDK to send this id for example on iOS and Android use:



[XPush setExternalId:@“YOURUSERSID"]; 




If you use a hybrid framework or have a website based implementation where you wrap a custom native shell around your website let your account manager know how your app is built and we can advise how best to set this ID on your setup. Or simply raise a ticket and our support team will pick this up with you.



On web use the following javascript method to set the id using our web SDK.


xtremepush('set', 'external_id', YOURUSERSID);


 Once you are collecting this ID on xtremepush you are ready to activate your integration



Once the user ID is setup the integration activation takes place between xtremepush and Optimove. Simply send an email copying both your xtrempush and Optimove account manager informing them the user ID piece is done and you want to go live and they will get the activation taken care of within 24-48hrs.    

When your integration has been activated you will see a new Optimove campaign option in the top right when you go to Create Campaign page on the platform.




Once setup you will want to test your integration by sending some test campaigns details on sending campaigns can be found in the following article:

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