Set up Interactive Notifications on the Platform

The following is a guide to send interactive notifications from the Xtremepush platform.


The first thing you must do is create the message category. A category is a template that is used to outline the general behaviour of a Notification. 

Creating the message category:

 Go to your project home and navigate to App Settings > Push Categories. 

From here you can choose to create an iOS category or an Android category. 
Both iOS and Android have some custom components, but they share the following,

1. The Name of the category, this will be used to select the category when creating a campaign.

2. The default action that will happen should the user click on the body of the notification, the options are

  • No action (notification click opens app as usual)
  • Open URL (open a URL link)
  • Go To Deeplink (will call into Xtrempush deeplink callback with custom string)
  • In-App Message (opens an In-App Message)

3. Add a button to the interactive notification.

4. Multi-Language Support for Buttons (Will change the title of the notification button depending on the users language)

5. The custom payloads to be included with the notification.


Adding Buttons:

When you click on Add Button some new UI elements will appear, they are as follows


1. The area used in creating a single button

2. The id of the button, will be used to identify which button was clicked

3. The button action. Currently the actions available are 

  • None (The button has no special functionality)
  • Open URL (open a URL link in device's browser)
  • Go To Deeplink (will call into Xtrempush deeplink callback with custom string)

4. Mode has two options, foreground and background. Foreground will open the app when the button is clicked, background will not.

5. The text associated with the button that will show on the user's device.


To use later in campaign creation I made an android push category called OPEN_URLS.  
It has two buttons. Both have action = open url, one has mode = foreground, and the other as mode = background. It looks like this:

Including the category in your campaign:

It is very easy to include your category in a campaign you are creating. 

On the android/iOS tab there is a 'category' element.


Click on the new category input field, and it will show a list of all available categories that can be used with along with that particular channel. 
If there is any additional information needed for the category (such as the URL for a category with action Open URL, or the deeplink string for a category with action Go to Deeplink), a new input field will show on the platform.

e.g. using my example category the following input fields are created


After this step is complete, you can set up the rest of the campaign as per usual.


Screenshot_20170830-095342.png .                             IMG_8347.jpg

The images above show what an interactive notification can look like on android and iOS respectively.                   






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