Set up Interactive Web Push Notifications on the Platform

The following is a guide to send interactive web push notifications from the Xtremepush platform. 


The first thing you must do is create the message category. A category is a template that is used to outline the general behaviour of a Notification. 


Creating the message category:

 Go to your project home and navigate to App Settings > Push Categories > CREATE CATEGORY


1. Choose category name, this will be used to select the category when creating a campaign.


The next step is to setup default action & buttons, click "add button" to open up the menu:



1. BUTTON ID, will be used to identify which button was clicked.

2. ACTION, can either be set to None or Open URL (open a URL).

3. BUTTON TITLE, The text associated with the button that will show on the user's device.

4. Multi-Language Support for Buttons (Will change the title of the notification button depending on the user's language).


The next step is to Configure push settings:



1. DEFAULT ICON, this is the icon image that will appear on your web pushes.

2. REQUIRE INTERACTION, choose whether the user needs to interact with web push when it appears, "yes" or "no".

3. When everything is ready click "SAVE".


Including the category in your campaign

It is very easy to include your category in a campaign you are creating. 


Navigate to Create Campaign > Web Push > Build your push notification



Click on the CATEGORY input field, and it will show a list of all available categories that can be used:



Enter the URL links for the appropriate buttons.

After this step is complete, you can set up the rest of the campaign as per usual.


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