To send Push Notifications on Android you need to have a Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API Key generated in your Android developer account.  Details on how to generate this required credentials are given below.


Setting up GCM API Keys
To integrate XtremePush  with your App for Chrome notifications you need to upload your GCM API Key to your dashboard on xtremepush.com. You will also need to use your Google Project Number

- Go to: https://console.developers.google.com/- Log in
- Create a project for your App if you don't already have one

To create a project click on the select a project menu item and select create a project.

 Give your project a suitable name and click create:


Once you have created or selected your project you must next find your Project Number.  Click on the menu item on the right of the notification bell (three dots), and then select project information and you will be taken to a page with your project number.




Make a note of your project number you will need it later to finish the integration of your App with XtremePush it is also know as Sender ID. 


Finally you must enable Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for your project. Select Google Cloud Messaging from the Mobile AP listIn APIs & auth > API scroll down until you find Google Cloud Messaging for Android and switch it on:


Enable - Google Cloud Messaging:


In the sidebar on the left, select the Key, then select Create Credentials and then select API Key, as shown below.



Next select Server Key.  

Give key a name, do not specify any ip address and click Create


Once your API key has been created copy it and log in to your XtremePush dashboard on xtremepush.com. Go to your app home and navigate to Settings > Certs & Key on the right hand side select the Android App radio button and paste the Project Number/Sender ID and the API key into the two fields highlighted below and click save.







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