(Older Vers 3.3.3) Import the iOS SDK

To use xtremepush with your iOS App you must first import the SDK. First, download the current client library here. This zip file contains the library. Next you must add the library to your project.

Add the Library to your Project in Xcode

Extract the archive, to get the library folder containing the following files:

  • libXPush.a: The required library
  • XPush.h: The required header file containing methods declarations for using XPush library

1. In Finder drag the XtremePush library Folder into your project's folder

2. Open your project in Xcode

3. Add the folder with library files to your project: Files -> Add files to "ProjectName"

4. libXPush.a should now appear in the Linked Frameworks and Libraries section of your projects general target settings

5. Next add the following dependencies in Linked Frameworks and Libraries:

    • Security
    • CFNetwork
    • MobileCoreServices
    • CoreTelephony
    • SystemConfiguration
    • CoreLocation
    • CoreBluetooth

6. libXPush.a and all dependencies should now appear in Linked Frameworks and Libraries in your projects general target settings.




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