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Location is a highly used feature of the XtremePush Platform. Location encapsulates our iBeacon and our Geo Fencing technology. In this guide we will show you how to add a location and then use those locations in create campaign. When a location is added on XtremePush we automatically start to gather analytical data about that location and your users which we will explain also.

Adding a Location

To add a location, be it geo fence or iBeacon, enter the Locations tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. You will be presented with the screen below.

In the image below you will see we have typed 59 Liberty Street, New York and automatically our platform lists relevant locations that match that criteria.

Once you've selected the right location you can change the size of the geo fence from 200 meters upwards (here it is 850m), either by dragging the bar or by typing in the number of meters you want the geo fence to be set at. Additionally you can add tags to a location. Say for example you have retail locations across 50 States (well done) and you have 10 stores in each state, you can tag each store in NYC with an NYC tag to quick search and select your NYC locations when needed.

Adding a Location

Once you've added you location(s) you will be able to view them on the map and edit any of their details such as name, radius size and drag & drop the pin on the map to refine the location centre.

Location Details

Adding a beacon is much the same except XtremePush will prepopulate the UUID and Major ID according to your account. If you have a specific need to use a unique UUID or Major please contact us at info@xtremepush.com. To add a beacon you simply click the 'Is Beacon' button

Adding an iBeacon

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