I have a white label account and I'm getting an “Application is not created” error, what is this?

I logged into my new agency white label account and I am getting an error when I try to create an application: “Application is not created”

White-label accounts are setup as a blank slate and have no companies associated with them.  You have to have at least one company to add an App, as an App must be linked to a company. You need to do some User Access Management to get your white label ready to add Applications.
First Create a Company:
  1. Go to the top right of the Nav Bar Menu and select "Administration>Companies"
  2. On the Companies Admin page select + Create Company on the top left
  3. Fill out your company or your client's company details and save 


This company will now be available when you want to add a new application. If you are adding an application as the white label super user, after you have filled in your App details in general settings before you save:
  1. Click Admin Settings
  2. Assign the App to a Company 
  3. And then save (see below)


You can also set up users for companies in your white label. This allows you to send credentials to your clients to work with Apps assigned to their company. There is more information on creating users in our User Access Management Documentation.
If you have existing companies and Apps you have already set up on a standard account we can move them into your white label account if needed just submit a request
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