Add a segment from a CSV of user ids

If you have a segment of user ids exported from a CRM or similar system this can be uploaded and used to create a segment of users.

For example you may export a list of Male Users from your CRM to a CSV file. Before you upload these users you must first add the id type as the column name in the CSV file and save it. This will allow the platform to identify the type of id being used Options are:

  • external_id - Typically used if your CRM IDs are sent to xtremepush
  • id - The xtremepush id
  • token - The token used to address push notifications
  • device_id - The id provided by the OS to identify the device e.g. the Android ID
  • email - the users email (you must be collecting email for this to work) 

Add the id name at the top of the column and save the file as shown in the example below: 


You are then ready to upload the file on the platform on the segment page.

Create a Segment:

Select Type CSV file:

Choose wether to include or exclude users in this CSV:

This will automatically create a segment you can combine your segment with other conditions before you save it if needed.

You can also add your file directly on the segment page of a campaign you are creating:





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