I am Adding tags to my App and want to test the tagging quickly where can I do this?

If you are set up as a Company-Admin for your companies Apps (more on roles and User Access Management here) you will see a section in the Left Navigation called App Lists.

From here you can select App Users to view your test users. Click the tag list icon (on the right) for your test device to see the list of tags sent from your device.

On the Tags list screen you will see the list of tags your device has sent complete with any data sent and a timestamp. You can refresh this page periodically to see your tags as you generate them on the app side. Note that tags are processed in batches so there may be a delay of up to 1 min between generating the tag and it appearing in the UI. 

You can also search your tag list by tag name or the value of data sent using the fields provided, just enter some text and press enter.

And if you delete the user id in the top left and press return you can search all devices:



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