Push Categories - Setting end user notification limits

To create categories for your push notifications and impose limits on the number of notifications end users can receive go to App Settings > Push Categories. 

Here for example as shown below you might make a:

  • A Service category that can be used for important notifications that must be sent no matter what other notifications have been sent.
  • A category for Marketing messages. In the example below the Marketing Category has limits of 1 notification per day, 3 per week and 12 per month for end users.
  • Or an example for a topic such as Sports News. In the example below message in this category are limited to users in the Sports News Subscribers segment. There is no explicit limit to the number of messages sent but there is a cool down period of 30 mins between messages imposed. 



Note: There is also a Collapsing setting related to categories. This defaults to "No Collapsing" and relates to a feature of Firefox Desktop, Chrome Desktop, Android Chrome and Android App notifications. Collapsing relates to the behaviour when multiple notifications are sent while a device is offline. If ON only the last message is sent when a user is back online. If OFF all messages are sent. (Default is OFF)


If you add Push Categories for your app a category must be selected when creating a campaign.


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