Web Push Notification Center

Once you have added xtremepush, web push notifications, to your site, you can easily add a notification center to your site from the platform at any Time.


To set up your Web Push Notification Center / Inbox on the platform go to your project home and navigate to App Settings > Inbox Settings.


To Enable it select enabled on this page.

Then select a style from:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Custom

Choose whether the inbox slides in from the left or right. 

Choose whether the header has a button that allows you to opt in or out of notifications. 

Click Save when you are happy with your selection to save your settings and enable the inbox.

Sample custom settings


The Light and Dark options have a standard look and feel as shown below:


If you choose to have a custom style then you can change the color of a number of elements, customisable elements of the inbox are outlined below:



Now visit your website and you will see the notification centre icon.



When users open the notification center they will see their recent messages. Below is an example of an inbox with a custom look and feel.






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