I set up a geo-fence on the platform but can't get a geo campaign to send me notifications?

The first thing to check is that you have a test build of your app where you have notification and location permissions. On iOS you would have had to accept notification and location permissions, you may also be asked  for location  permissions on Android since Android 6.0.
Next check that you have location services switched on globally on your test device. 
Next check the trigger and limit settings of your location campaign. Default settings are shown below.

Your campaign is set to trigger when you enter your Geofence Area.
You will only receive one notification per day. The message will trigger the first time you enter the location on a given day.
In general most live campaigns will have the setting as found above as you will not want to send users too many messages. In fact you may often limit messages to a number per campaign. However when testing initially you may want to increase this limit on your campaigns so you can do more than one test in a day on a campaign. In the example below the limits have been increased.
This  campaign is set to trigger when you enter the your Geofence Area.
You will receive up to 5 notifications per day.
Watch out for the Number of prior enter before trigger setting. This message requires one prior entry on a given day so the message will trigger the second time you enter the location on a given day. You will need to enter the location, exit it and then re enter to get your first notification.
Finally after adding a geo-fence on the platform your app will not be aware of it until you have made a significant movement (travelled a few hundred metres) or until the next time you open the app. So if you have just added the geo-fence you are using in your campaign be sure to open and close your app or that you have a distance to travel to get to the geo-fence you are testing with. 
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