In App Full-Screen Campaign


Creating an In App Full-Screen Campaign

When selecting an in-app message template, choose Full-Screen


Some more options will appear. They are used to define the orientation of your message:

  • Portrait Only 
  • Landscape
  • Responsive (Portrait and Landscape)



The Content Area includes:

  1. Selector to change the message orientation (appear only when Responsive is selected)
  2. Device screen sizes menu, to test the message in different popular devices
  3. The build area, where you can upload images and assign actions to every part of the message
  4. Preview, to check the results and to place the buttons with your mouse


The device selection menu offers many preview choices:


Message Creation

You can easily create your message now by just:

Note: If responsive selected, these steps would be followed for both landscape and portrait views

Here are examples of how the message would appear on iPhone6





The possible actions are the following:

  • None (no action assigned)
  • Install (redirect to app store)
  • Deeplink (redirect to a section inside the app)
  • URL (redirect to a URL)
  • Dismiss (close the message)



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