How do the advanced settings in Location based campaigns work?

There are three advanced options on the locations page when creating a geo-fence or iBeacon based campaign:

The options can be applied per day or per campaign:

Details of what each setting controls below:

  • "User notification limit": This is the maximum number of notifications a user can receive from the campaign per day or for the entire campaign duration. If set to 1 no matter how many times a user performs the trigger event (e.g. enters a location) they will only receive a notification the first time on a day or for the whole campaign.
  • "User notification limit per location": If the "user notification limit" is greater than 1 and you have multiple locations selected. This setting controls how many notifications can be triggered by each location. 
  • "Number of enters before trigger": This setting controls the number of prior entries required before a notification is triggered by a location event. Default is zero and will mean a notification will trigger the first time the user enters/exits. If for example you want a notification to trigger on the second event set this to 1. 


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