Personalising Geo/iBeacon campaigns with user attributes like name

To have the dynamic attribute you want to use stored with xtremepush and available to send to users in your Geo/iBeacon Campaigns make sure to - tag your attribute up to the platform from your app using our tagging methods. This is a simple piece of development in your app. Use the special syntax shown below:
// You can send any available attribute
[XPush hitTag:@"user.attribute" withValue: ATTRIBUTE];
// like a users first name
[XPush hitTag:@"user.first_name" withValue: @"Joe"];

// Android You can send any available attribute
mPushConnector.hitTag("user.attribute", ATTRIBUTE);
// like a users first name
mPushConnector.hitTag("user.first_name", "Joe");
If your attributes are in place you can use them on the content page when creating a Geo or iBeacon Campaign by clicking the user attribute icon as shown below. You could for example welcome a user to a location by name.

When you add an attribute to your message you must also create an alternate message in case some users have not yet sent that attribute to the platform.




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