Setup Tab


The setup tab is the where you get started in the campaign creation workflow. The elements of the setup tab are highlighted and described below. You name your campaign, and choose channels and other options on this tab:

Campaign Name *Mandatory Field

The first thing we do is name our campaign. This name will be used as an identifier for your campaign throughout the platform. Choose something you can easily identify later in analytics and campaigns.

Push Category

The option to select what push category your message falls under (e.g. marketing, service message, etc.). Categories have different limits /thresholds set. For example if a customer has received the maximum number of marketing notifications allowed in a week they will not receive anymore. However they could still receive service messages if there was an unlimited "service" category. Push categories are user defined, if you have not defined any this field will not appear. Details on configuring categories here


Channel Options *Mandatory Field

Here we select which channels we will be sending our message to. We have the option to send to,

  • iOS only
  • Android only
  • Inbox Only (Not available in an in-app campaign)
  • A mixture of the above


A/B Testing

This checkbox confirms whether or not you would like to use A/B testing. A/B testing involves creating variants of your message to be tested on different customers. The results can then be analysed to determine which message was more successful in accomplishing your goals. Selecting this checkbox will create a new menu where you can describe your A/B variants.



Multi-Language Support (Not available for inApp campaigns)

This checkbox confirms whether or not you would like to use Multi-Language Support. Multi-Language Support allows you to communicate to your customers using different languages, e.g. send your message in French to your French users, and German to your German Users. Selecting this checkbox will open up a new menu where  you choose language variants to include in your campaign.

In the example below you can see that we will be using 3 languages in a multi-language campaign. On the right hand side of the example you can see that English is selected as the default language. What that means is that for everyone who's language is not included as one of the languages in our campaign, they will receive their  message in English.

To add a new language, all we have to do is click the "+ Add Language" button shown at the bottom in the example above.



Conversion Tracking

This checkbox confirms whether or not you would like to use conversion tracking. Selecting this option will open up the goal addition area shown below.

Here we can set a goal for our campaign, goals are made up of events or a combination of events that are the goal of the campaign. User who go on to complete the goal of the campaign are tracked as a conversion.

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