Creating a Web App Campaign



Starting in your web app project, the first thing you must do to create a campaign, is click on the 'Create campaign' button in the left menu.




This will bring you to the campaign creation menu, with a selection of campaign types.
The campaign types are:


Send a web push notification to your users immediately or at a time you schedule it for in the future. You can choose what users to contact by segmentation of your user base with the xtremepush segmentation engine.

Web push notifications bring offsite users back to your site. Recurring messages can be automated 


Send messages to on-site users via the message center. Messages in the center are not restricted to the web push notification format. You can send richly detailed messages, for example:


Engage on-site users with rich content in the xtremepush message center. Alert or larger card styles, can display featured content & offers as shown above,



Create a campaign that will send a notification to your users after they triggered some event on your site. Bring users back to your Site after they have done an action like adding a product to basket. Great for funnel conversion, basket recovery etc.


Setup a campaign that will send realtime messages to your onsite users triggered by their onsite actions. 


Send notifications to your customers which will be triggered by events on your backend system. You can create a template with variable content, to be triggered by events on your backend system. Great for personalised, transactional alerts.


*Click on any of the above options for more information.


Draft Campaigns

If you have a draft of a campaign saved, that can be opened and completed from this screen. If you have a draft you use as a template you can duplicate it.

 The searchbar can be used to find your draft quickly (should you have a lot of drafts), by entering the name of the draft you wish to work with.

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