In App Modal Campaign

Creating an In App Modal Campaign

When selecting an in-app  template, choose 'Modal'.

Now, under 'Build your in-app message', the modal template will display.



The Content Area includes:

1. Device screen sizes menu, to test message in different popular devices
2. Selector to navigate to colour options
3. The build area where to can upload images, give the message a title, give the message text, and assign actions to the buttons. All these individual components can be reordered as you see fit.
4. Preview, where you can check how your message looks.


The colour select menu, offers many customisation choices




The possible actions are the following:

  • None (no action assigned)
  • Install (redirect to app store)
  • Deeplink (redirect to a section inside the app)
  • URL (redirect to a URL)
  • Dismiss (close the message)



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