Template Campaigns triggered/executed via API

Template campaigns are created using the UI on the platform but triggered later via the external API.

You can find API Triggered Campaigns on the Create Campaign page: 

You can build these campaigns like any regular campaign:

Use the double curly braces syntax to add variables - {{variable_name}}:

Put the campaign live with the Review & Launch button like any other campaign. Then you will go to live campaigns where you will see your campaign listed:

The campaign ID is appended to the campaign and will be used when executing the campaign via API.


Triggering a Campaign Template via API

 The execute API method is used to trigger template campaigns details below:



Used to trigger a template campaign, targeting it at specific users and adding variables if needed.




Parameter Description
apptoken Your App token
id Campaign id can be found appended to title in live campaigns section
target The list of targeted user ids:
["user1", "user2"]
target_with_params An alternative to 'target' parameter if you want to pass the values of any personalized params you have in your campaign template message:
{"user1": {"fname":"Alex","balance":"100 EUR"}, "user2": {"fname":"John", "balance": "80 EUR"}}
target_by An optional parameter to specify the type of user identifier used in 'target' or 'target_with_params' fields. Available values are:
 - id (xtremepush device id - default value)
 - external_id (id set by client, typically CRM user id)
 - token (push token)
 - email
time An optional parameter to specify when to execute the campaign. It will be executed immediately if this param is omitted. You can use both date string and unix timestamp as a value.
Other campaign params Set any of the other campaign params as found here


Executing a campaign, targeting a single user by external ID and setting a number a variables in the campaign text.

curl -X POST -d '{"apptoken": "YOURAPPTOKEN", "id": "CAMPAIGNID", "target_with_params": {"crm-user-1": {"fname": "Alex", "balance": "100 EUR"}, "crm-user-2": {"fname": "John", "balance": "80 EUR"}}, "target_by": "external_id"}' https://external-api.xtremepush.com/api/external/execute/campaign

Example response from a successfully executed campaign:


Executing a campaign on a specific time:

curl -X POST -d '{"apptoken": "YOURAPPTOKEN", "id": "CAMPAIGNID", "target": ["user1", "user2"], "target_by": "external_id", "time": "2017-01-01 12:00 UTC"}' https://external-api.xtremepush.com/api/external/execute/campaign

You can use any of the regular campaign params to add content, segment users etc., for example you could add a payload like a deeplink to be used when the notification is opened:

curl -X POST -d '{"apptoken": "YOURAPPTOKEN", "id": "CAMPAIGNID", "target": [123456], "payload_add": [{"key": "URL_KEY", "value": "https://m.example.com/deeplink/123456"}]}' https://external-api.xtremepush.com/api/external/execute/campaign
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