Campaign Analytics

Campaign Statistics

In campaign statistics we can view and compare data based upon any of our campaigns, or variants of our campaigns (if that campaign utilised A/B testing).

We can choose on what basis to compare our campaigns, by selecting the relevant option from the dropdown highlighted in the image below.

 Currently, the options are,

  • Notifications Sent
  • Notifications Delivered
  • Notifications Opened
  • Notification Open Rate
  • App Opens Direct
  • App Opens Influenced
  • Conversions: Actions
  • Conversions: Rate
  • Goal: Completions
  • Goal: Converted Value 



In attributions, the number of installs generated by your mobile ad campaigns and the exact source of these installs (campaign, ad group, ad etc.). This can accurately demonstrate what marketing efforts are most successful e.g. free Social media campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, affiliate campaigns  etc.


You can view campaign totals i.e. total application installs attributed to individual campaigns: 

On individual campaigns you can drill down into the performance of Ad Groups and Ads within campaigns:


And you can also view aggregated performance for different types of campaign based on meta information such as Facebook, twitter, gender etc.:



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