How do I create a segment of test users?

There are a number of options available:


If you can identify your users xtremepush IDs in App Lists > App Users:



You can then create a test user segment with a list of xtremepush ids:

This can be used in your campaign in the segmentation engine, select segments:


Then Segment:



And enter the name of your test segment:



A variation on this approach is to edit your users external ID in App Lists > App Users to be identical for users in your test group:

Find Users and go to edit details:

Add a common External ID:

In the segmentation engine go to User Info  > ID and enter this common id:



Alternatively, if you are adding an ID from your external system to the platform when integrating, you can upload a CSV of the test users, using their user IDs from your own system, details here:



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