Tracking User Attributes like Name, Balance etc. with tags

To associate dynamic attributes against your users profile you - tag your attributes up to the platform from your app using our tagging methods. Attributes can be used in both for segmentation and for personalisation. This is a simple piece of development in your app. Use the special syntax shown below:
// You can send any available attribute
[XPush hitTag:@"user.attribute" withValue: ATTRIBUTE];
// like a users first name
[XPush hitTag:@"user.first_name" withValue: @"Joe"];
// or their loyalty points balance
[XPush hitTag:@"user.xp_points" withValue: @"500"];

// Android You can send any available attribute
mPushConnector.hitTag("user.attribute", ATTRIBUTE);
// like a users first name
// or their loyalty points balance
If your attributes are in place you can use them in the xtremepush segmentation engine to target a campaign at a group of user. For example users with reward points greater than 500:
Or on a content page when creating a Campaign by clicking the user attribute icon as shown below. You could for example welcome a user to a location by name.
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