Web Push Tab

In the  Web Push tab we design the Web Push Notification that will be sent to out users on supported browsers.


Select which browsers you would like to send your notifications to.


  1. Message Title
  2. Message Body Text
  3. Click Action. The action that will occur when the user clicks on the notification. Used to bring users to a landing pageThis can bring them to an existing URL or a custom HTML page.
  4. The icon to be displayed alongside your message. Note: on Safari your icon cannot be updated from the default brand icon setup. (read best practices)
  5. The preview of what your message will look like in the various browsers.


Multi-Language Message

If you are creating a multi-language campaign, you can create new titles and messages based upon the languages you selected in the setup tab.

The example above is taken from a campaign which focuses on English speaking users and Italian users


A/B Testing

If you have selected AB testing from the setup tab, it is possible to send out different messages from a single campaign. You can then compare them and determine which method was most successful with your users. 

Variant A
Variant B

Variant C
The above example shows three different variations of the same message and each will be sent out to a portion of the users connected with the app. This allows us to refine our process and determine what is the most effective way of engaging with the users.
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