Schedule (Triggered Campaigns)

Triggered Campaigns (location/Event/API Triggered) have a slightly different scheduling structure from other scheduled campaigns. Once you have decided on your trigger you must ad a schedule. On the schedule screen in the campaign creation workflow there are a number of options.

  • Days to Send On
  • Time Window to send during
    • Time From
    • Time To
  • Timezone to Send By
  • Date to Start On
  • Date to End On

In App Campaign Schedule

The days your message send on allow you to have a campaign that is for Mondays, weekdays, weekends etc. The time window where a message will be sent in response to a trigger event can be all day or between specific hours such as 9am to 5pm. The timezone associated with that time window can be set to use each users local time zone or a specific timezone. The Start and End Date of the campaign sets the duration. 


Notification Expiry Settings

When users are offline when a notification is initially sent it is possible to send the notification when they are back online.

Settings for resending to users who are offline initially are found on the schedule page if sending a notification. The default is based on apple and google defaults is that the user can receive the notification if they come back online within 4 weeks.

You can set:

  • a custom time to retry for such as 1 day, 12hrs, 5mins. Suitable for repeating or triggered campaigns.
  • a time and date to after which the notification expires and will not be sent. This is great for scheduled notifications related to events that run at a specific time. 
  • not to retry. The right choice if your notification is very time sensitive.



Inbox Message Persistance Settings

When a message is being placed in the inbox, on the schedule screen you can set how long that message will stay there for. The default is to persist the message indefinitely.

You can set:

  • not to remove. Suitable when your goal is to persist a message in the inbox and have it naturally move down over time.
  • a time and date at which the message will be removed from the inbox. This is great for content related to events that run at, or for a specific time for example a limited time offer that runs for a month. 
  • remove after some time, such as 7 days, 12hrs etc. The right choice if your message is repeating or triggered and should only last for a certain amount of time, for example a limited time offer triggered by entering a location.


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