App Lists


The App Lists section contains lists of various data points such as users and tags and allows you to configure certain aspects of same, it is broken up into five sub-categories. These are,

App Users
Here we can view or search for information on our users, such as their device ID, the platform they are using, if they are active, if they are addressable, etc. 

This section is predominately used when testing, or for creating a segment of test users more details here.


App Tags
Here we can see or search for the tags used in our application. This page shows the tag's unique name. You can also set an alias, useful if you have named an Android and an iOS tag differently and you need to alias the two together to keep analytics consistent between apps. Finally you can set a user friendly name this is helpful if you're tags have difficult to read unique names, you can set a more user friendly name that will be used in the analytics reporting screens.


App Metrics
Here we can see or search for the metrics used in our application. It is possible to set a user friendly name and also a unit associated with the metric. These will be used when displaying the metric in analytics.


App Impressions
Here you can view or search the full list of impressions made from your app.


App Events
Here you can view or search the full list of events sent from your app.

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