Segmentation: Segments

Having selected Segments, you will then have to choose what aspect you would like to base your segmental condition on.


Your options are,

  1. Segment
  2. CSV file


What is a segment
Device OS is the operating system we have registered for your users device.

Creating a condition based on Segment

Having decided to create a condition based on a segment, you must then enter one more piece of information before your condition can be created.
This is,

  1. The name of the previously made segment you are including

The example above shows a condition that include a previously made segment called "regular uses from Ireland"



What is CSV
A CSV file is a simple format file in which all the values are separated by a comma.

Creating a condition based on a CSV

Having decided to create a condition based on Device OS, you must then enter two more pieces of information before your segment can be created.
These are,

  1. The comparison operator, your choices here are,
    • include
    • exclude
  2. The CSV file containing a list of values

The example above shows a condition that excludes all users whose ID's are listed in the userID.csv

More details on creating a segment from CSV can be found here 

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