Segmentation Engine



Creating a Segment

There are two places where you can create segments on the platform.

The first is the segmentation tab when you are creating your campaign. This allows you target segments with your campaign.


The second is by clicking the "Segments" option in the left menu. This is a segment management portal where you can save segments you use frequently.


Here you can add new segments by clicking the "Create Segment" button.


Both options will bring you to a variation of the xtremepush segmentation engine. 


The Segmentation engine

  1. The title of your segment
  2. Some statistics about the users this segment applies to
  3. The conditions/list of conditions that describe this segment (more information below)
  4. The button to save your segment.



The xtremepush platform allows you to use a wide range of data points  to segment your user-base.  So for ease of use, we have broken down the available conditions into categories.

You can create conditions for you segment based upon,

click a link for more information on each category.

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