Creating Messaging Campaigns with Redeemable Content

This is an example of how to create a beacon-based message campaign that contains a redeemable offer is created.


Firstly create the redemption campaign as described on the Creating a Redemption Campaign page. Make sure to name the redemption campaign something memorable, as you will use this later on. In the example here, the redemption campaign is called Free Coffee July 16.


Then the Location Based Notification campaign can be created from the Create Campaign page.


Select all channels required for the campaign. For this example, we have selected that the campaign is delivered to addressable Android devices only.


In order to link in the redemption campaign created already, we can search for its name in the Choose redemption campaign box. In this example, the Free Coffee July 16 redemption campaign was selected.


The campaign content can be created using the campaign editors for each of the selected delivery channels. The content from previously saved templates can also be pulled into the editor using the Search for templates box. Please note, the Click Action for notifications should be set as In-app message. This ensures the correct sequencing of messages for the redemption process.


The In-App editor should be used for providing more context about the offer with a button to initiate the redemption process.


At least one button in the message should be configured with an Action of Redeem. This is required so that redemption stats can be tracked on the server side afterwards.


For the location based campaign, the next step is to configure the locations that trigger the campaign.


Apply any segmentation rules if required.


Edit the schedule as required and then the campaign can be launched.

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