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If you are promoting your app with the help of advertising networks, with the super publishers like Facebook, Google, Twitter or with other affiliates, then it is important you track the install source of users at that first initial contact point of download.  This will allow you to track your marketing efforts, link install source with subsequent user behaviour and optimise the entire process to drive the best app installs and post-install behaviour that maximises your advertising ROI.

Attribution is charged based on usage so must be activated by your account manager.  If you are interested in getting started with attributions please contact your account manager or visit to request a demo.

Note: In order to attribute App Installs your app must collect the advertising identifiers; IDFA on iOS and Android Ad ID.

Once activated you will be able to access the attribution screen and create install campaigns to track marketing efforts in Attributions > Install Campaigns



You can create tracking campaigns that map to the complexity of your ongoing install campaign efforts. Pick from over 1500 ad networks, super publishers or track your own private affiliate networks. Map your tracking efforts to your Ad groups e.g. Male UK, Male US, Female UK, Female US. Map your tracking efforts to ad variants like; Red CTA, Blue CTA, Install Now CTA, Download App CTA etc. And you can add meta tags to allow category data to aggregated across networks, groups and variants




Data can be reviewed in the Attributions analytics reporting screen in Analytics > Attributions:




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