Email Tab

In the Email tab you can create an email to be sent to your users.

If you have not already done so, you will need to register an email address with the platform. Click here to find out more.


Email Content

1. The subject that will appear as the subject line of the email.
2. The email address that our emails will be sent from.
3. Any email templates you have created will be selectable from this section.

If you are not using an email template, you will create the email message using the following components ,

Text Item

  1. The button which toggles between the text content and the text style.
  2. The various text options for your text
  3. The text of the message itself


Button Item

  1. The button which toggles between the button content and the button style
  2. The label that will appear on the button
  3. The link used on button click


Separator Item

  1. The button which toggles between the separator content and separator style
  2. The height of the divide between the components being separated
  3. The type of line that will be in the center of the division. The options are,
    -None, no visible line used
    -Solid, A consistent solid line used
    -Dotted, A dotted line used
    -Dashed, A dashed line used
  4. The height of the line
  5. The width of the line. The options are,
    -Edge to Edge
    -Full width
    -Large (75% size)
    -Medium (50% size)
    -Small (25% size)


Image Item

1. The button which toggles between the image content and the image style
2. The file upload area
3. The link that will be used when a user clicks on the image

Social Media Icon Item

1. The button which toggles between the social media item content and its style
2. The social media site whose icon you would like to display. The options are,
       - Facebook
       - Twitter
       - LinkedIn
       - Youtube
       - Google+
       - Pinterest
       - Foursquare
       - Custom Website
3. The link you will use when the user clicks the associated icon
4. The button used to add another icon


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