How do I use my Optimove integration?

To create an Optimove campaign via xtremepush you need first to create an API campaign on xtremepush dashboard and then use this campaign as a template on Optimove dashboard.


Create API campaign


Go to create campaign page and click on "API Triggered Notification"



Enter campaign name and choose engagement channels on the "Setup" section. You can also enable A/B testing, multi language support and set a campaign goal to track conversions.



Fill message content for every engagement channel to be used in campaign.

Add additional segmentation rules on the "Segment" section if needed. If you choose "Broadcast to all Users" the message will be sent to all users segmented by Optimove campaign. If you choose "Target Users" and add additional segmentation rules the message will be sent to the subset of users segmented by Optimove campaign that match your criteria.

Save the campaign by clicking "Save as Draft" button.


Try with a test audience first

If you want to test your content internally before putting it live you can. First get a list of user ids for internal test users. Then in your project on xtremepush go to segments and create a new segment for your Test Users. Add a condition based on Identifiers > External Id (this is the player/customer user id you are using to sync platforms)  "External Id" > "in" > "List of Ids" like below:


When you want to test a campaign add this segment to your campaign on xtremepush as shown below and then trigger it from Optimove.


The condition is "Segment" > "include" > "Test Users" and when you click the refresh wheel to check the number of users you should see it matches the number in the test list.


Create Optimove campaign

When the campaign is sent is controlled by Optimove. Go to the campaign creation section on Optimove dashboard and complete two steps by choosing target group and actions.

On the "execution details" section choose "Push Notification" channel. And then choose one of existing xtremepush campaigns in the "Template" field. You can also use multiple templates if needed.

Launch the campaign. It will be automatically created and executed by the xtremepush platform.





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