Upgrading your Android App's messaging credentials in project settings to use Sender ID and or Firebase Messaging Token

There are are a number of reason you may wish to upgrade your Android App's messaging credentials on the platform:

If you have added an Android App on the platform prior to October 2016 you may not have uploaded Sender ID when configuring your Android App. We have made improvements to Android messaging so you can avail of advanced delivery reporting and faster delivery speeds but you must upload your sender ID to benefit from them. 

Android have also announced plans to deprecate the GCM server API key in favour of a new auth credential called the Firebase Cloud Messaging token.

Details on how to get these credentials and Upgrade them in project settings follow:


Get Sender ID from your Google Project

Go to: https://console.developers.google.com/- Log in and navigate to your project. Click the three dot settings menu item on the far right and the project settings and click project settings and you will be taken to page with your project number also known as the Sender ID.


Copy this number log into the xtremepush platform open your project and go to App Settings > Certs & Keys. Copy and paste the project number into the Sender ID field and click save.




Get Sender ID and the Firebase Cloud Messaging Token from your Firebase Project 

Go to https://console.firebase.google.com/  Log in and navigate to your project. Click on the settings wheel and then Project Settings.



Navigate to Cloud Messaging via the Settings nav bar on this tab you will find both the firebase cloud messaging token and the Sender ID.


Log into the xtremepush platform open your project and go to App Settings > Certs & Keys. Copy and paste the Sender ID into the Sender ID field. Click the Change button under API Key and copy and paste the firebase cloud messaging token into this field and then click save.





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