Create multiple companies in a private instance of the platform to reflect your org structure

If your instance of the platform is private i.e. you login from your own unique url for example,  you can have multiple company accounts for your organisation or other organisations you work with. The Management of Companies and other administrative elements is via the Administration Menu:
You have to have at least one company to add an App, as Apps must be linked to a company.  You need to do some User Access Management to have multiple companies with different Applications associated to them.
First Create a Company:
  1. Go to the top right of the Nav Bar Menu and select "Administration>Companies"
  2. On the Companies Admin page select "+ Create Company" on the top left
  3. Fill out your new company's  details and save 



Once you have created a new company you should create a Company Admin as the first User of that company.  To do this:

  1. Go to the right-hand Nav Bar Menu in the Admin section and select "+ Create User" 
  2. Fill out your new users details
  3. Set their role as company-admin
  4. Be sure to associate them with the company you have just created and save



You can then share the new company-admin credentials with whoever is going to add new apps, users etc.  and administer that company account. They can change their password after they login by going to Account > Account Info (see image below). And they can add additional users on the platform with appropriate roles by following further details on UAM in our docs: 



If you have existing Apps you have already set up in an existing company account we can re-associate them with a new company if needed just submit a request.  



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